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Tony Carchia - The Story

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When you are eight years old belting out a tune and someone says "Well, I can see you'll never be a singer", you carry that with you.  You either tuck that voice away and never sing in public again or you embrace it, run with it, and own it.  Tony did both.  He hid that voice away for years and years until one night he was out at karaoke and decided to go for it.  That's where it all began - at a little bar in Halifax, he started his musical career as a DJ and karaoke singer. “DJ Tony's” wild antics and shock value performances made him a standout and he knew that playing music was just one component of being an entertainer.    

Tony knows how to play the crowd and learned quickly to evaluate their experience and tailor the music to speak to the audience.  Taking his karaoke and DJ skills to the next level, Tony started a band called ALL IN with Jeff Donovan and Steve Anderson.  With huge help from top notch, local performers, Rob Pagnano, Kurt Remlinger and Ken Snow, ALL IN quickly grew to a full electric band, bringing on Brandon Ahern and Dennis Cadorette. 

When ALL IN dissolved a couple years later, Tony picked up a guitar and went out on his own.  Merging DJ Tony's style with an acoustic act, he covered songs in a unique way that engaged and captivated audiences. People began to notice when Tony started covering songs like Baby Got Back, and Fresh Prince of Bel Air in a country vibe.

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Missing the full band experience, Tony brought together Rich Quinlan and PJ Drennan to form the band BACK@iT.  The band gets its inspiration from a wide variety of performers and each band member brings their unique love of different genres to the band.

Playing all styles of music - acoustic, covers, country, classic rock, pop and top 40 - Tony loves what he does! 

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